Halls of Residence Regulations

Internal Regulation of University of Chemistry and Technology Prague


Internal Regulation of UCT Prague no. 20.26/05
Aministration of University Facilities


Article I
Opening clause

1. These rules regulate operating conditions for accommodation at the halls of residence of the Institute of University of Chemistry and Technology Prague ((below"UCT Prague").
2. The halls of residence are managed by the Aministration of University Facilities (below „AUF“), the head of AUF is the director. The operation of AUF conforms to the Statutes of UCT Prague and the Organization Rules of AUF.
3. The hall of residence is established for residential and catering services for students and employees of UCT Prague, students and employees of the other universities within the framework of cooperation amongst universities, guests of the institute and other people in free bed capacity.
4. A manager of the hall of residence is responsible for the hall of residence operation.

Article II
Rights and duties of a person having accommodation

1. The accommodation at the halls of residence conforms to the Civil Code, the Accommodation Contract, Halls of Residence Regulations, fire and safety rules, Rector’s regulations and AUF Director’s directives.

2. A person having accommodation has further rights:
a) to change bed clothes (1 time a week),
b) to free usage of permitted electrical appliances,
c) to fully use all premises of the hall of residence designed for needs of persons having accommodation,
d) to relocate inventory of the room and to place own small interior accessories,
e) with the agreement of the hall of residence management, roommates and while making out unexceptionable state of health to keep small pets (person having accommodation is fully responsible for damages caused by a pet),
f) to receive visits according to the rules given below at the article II, clause 5,
g) to privacy,
h) to claim a quality of the delivered services.

3. A person having accommodation is under further obligation:
a) to adhere to the rules and standards that have respect to the hall of residence operation,
b) to observe principles of the civil coexistence including adherence to the silent hours from 23.00 PM to 6.00 AM,
c) to submit creedless the accommodation card at the reception desk when entering the hall of residence,
d) to clean up the room and to restore the room on moving out (with regard to ordinary wear and tear),
e) to open the room for persons accredited by AUF (in case of breakdown and reasonable suspicion of infraction of accommodation regulations without warning, in other cases after advice – at least 3 working days before by advice note on the public notice-board),
f) to notify of defects and damages at the hall of residence reception desk without delay,
g) to lock the room for avoidance of unlawful entry.

4. It is forbidden for person having accommodation:
a) to tamper with any kind of installations (including change of lock or latch),
b) to take away furniture and equipment from the room,
c) to use illegal electrical appliances.

5. Visits
a) students and employees having accommodation at the halls of residence of UCT Prague are not considered to be a visitor in this sense,
b) a visitor is obliged to put his identity card at the reception desk, to give the name of a visited person, to check in to the Visitors' Book and to check out after a visit,
c) an entry of a visitor to the hall of residence is allowed only in the presence of a visitee, a visitee is responsible for a visitor's check in and for his manners,
d) a visitor is eligible to enter a room only with agreement of roommates and is obligated to leave the hall of residence till 01.00 AM. A visitor can stay at the hall of residence after 01.00 AM only under the further conditions:
- check in to the House Book at the reception desk
- in the presence of a visitee during a visit
- with agreement of present roommates
- payment of a qualified fee
e) a visitor can stay continually for 3 days at the most, a visitor is eligible to stay at the hall of residence 6 nights per calendar month at the most.

6. Smoking is allowed only in dedicated premises (if they are established and marked), at the rooms and flats only with the agreement of all roommates.

Article III
Hall of residence operation

1. Information concerning hall of residence operation and administration connected with accommodation are published on the public notice-boards and on the web pages.
2. The management of AUF cooperates with the duly elected Council of the Halls of Residence.

These Halls of Residence Regulations are effective until 6 September 2005


Ing. Stanislav Starý
Director of UCT Prague – AUF
Prof. Ing. Vlastimil Růžička
Rector of UCT Prague