Addendum to the contract for summer accommodation 2020.

23. června 2020

Dear residents,
please note that in May you only signed requests for reservations for summer accommodation, now you have to confirm with your signature that you are actually continuing your accommodation - sign an Addendum to the contract for summer accommodation at the dormitory office.
If you do not do so, your housing will not be extended or you may be charged a fine of CZK 300 for each subsequent day of stay,
according to the "Accommodation Agreement, Article IV., Point 8.".
This information does not apply to the extension of the summer accommodation contract until 10.7.2020 due to the planned postponed tests.

If you have signed an addendum to the contract in the dormitory office in the meantime, please do not take note of this e-mail.
Operations department AUF UCT Prague

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