How to connect

How to connect to the WiFi network of the UCT dormitories.
A WiFi network with the names "VOLHA" and "SAZAVA" is available in all dormitory rooms,
which provides a commercial internet connection (normal unlimited connection).

In the event that the login page does not automatically open after connecting to the "VOLHA" or "SAZAVA" network, please go to manually in the web browser, where you can log in by default and WiFi will start working.
You will receive login details in the form of an SMS during the accommodation and are valid for the entire duration of the stay,
so it is advisable to keep them.
UCT students can log in to the UCT university WiFi network in all rooms, using school login details.
The international research and education network EDUROAM is also available from WiFi networks in all rooms.
You can also use a wired Ethernet connection, which also provides a commercial Internet connection, and you can log in using data from an SMS.
The connection is provided free of charge.