Electrical equipment usage at the halls of residence

Director’s regulation no. 10/2004 Electrical equipment usage at the halls of residence of UCT Prague

1. It is permitted to use personally owned electrical appliances with 500VA power demand if they were bought in the Czech Republic or if the owner is able to present a certificate of their conformity with our power system.

2. In using the appliances borrowed from the hall of residence administration facilities with a higher power demand it is necessary not to exceed the power demand of 2000 VA for one flat.

3. Using electric heaters is prohibited.

4. In case of damage caused by personally owned electrical appliances the owner has to make up for the damage.

5. Using these electrical appliances is free of charge and it is included in your monthly payments for accommodation.

This regulation replaces no. 16/97 regulation of 11-14-1997 and no. 4/97 regulation of 11-14-1997.

Prague, 23 August 2004

Ing. Stanislav Starý