How to book a room

Procedural steps for booking of accommodation in UCT Prague's recreational objects for employees and students (Pec pod Sněžkou, Jáchymov)


I. Administration of accommodation facilities (SÚZ) UCT Prague is the operating administrator of UCT's recreational objects (


II. Booking steps.

a) Summer season (15.6. – 15.9.)
     Requirements are handed over/delivered from 15.3. till 15.5.
     annually-weekly stays (from Saturday to Saturday) are preffered.

b) Winter season (15.12. – 30.4.)
     Requirements are handed over/delivered from 15.9. till 15.11.
     annually-weekly stays (from Saturday to Saturday) are preferred.

c) Off-season
     Requirement are handed over/delivered during the year.


Note.: Orders on the form „Binding application“ (to be downloaded from ) should be sent to:, a contact person: Ms. Chlumcová (tel. 220 447 206).


III. Various

-    All requests for changes, cancellation, additional booking etc.
      have to be delivered asap to the Administration of
      accommodation facilities (SÚZ),
-    Time of arrival to the recreational premises and other
      individual requests etc. are to be clarified with the
      operator of the given object:
      Pec pod Sněžkou – Ms. Radová - tel. 724 080 317,
      Jáchymov – Ms. Bočková - tel. 728 986 750,
-     Recreation stays within the program of exchange recreation stays
      organized by ŠoVOS take place under a special regime,
-     Accommodation rules specifying conditions of accommodation and
      more information can be found on:,

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