Print and copy


If you need to print a document, you can do so at the self-service printer located in the reception area of the Volha and Sázava dormitory.

UCT students can use this printer to print and copy documents after logging in with a student card.

- You can find the price list of copies on the Copy Centre website here
- It is necessary to have top-up credit on student card, which can only be topped up at the Copy Center in the school building B in Dejvice

A self-service print document can be printed in two ways:

1) Send to the address within the school mail system. The document can be sent as an attachment in most commonly used formats and can be self-service printed within 7 days of sending. The document will always be printed in A4 format, double-sided and in black and white. It is necessary to send documents in A4 format to this address, other sizes may not print correctly.

2) Through the virtual classroom, by printing on the virtual computer to the SafeQ BW/Color dracena printer. The document will be displayed to you after logging in with the card to the printer in the queue for printing. In the virtual classroom, you can also edit the document as you like. More about the virtual classroom here

Scanning of documents to the e-mail box is available to all students for FREE.

To scan document, use the "Simple SCAN" icon in the menu -> "Address Book" -> In the lower left corner, select "TO+" and enter your email address. After scanning, please return the printer to the default menu display with the house button.